A New Blog….

Even though I will never be blogging for real here at SWH Alaskan Adventure again, I have decided to move the Blog on SWH Photography and Travel to it’s new location here on WordPress. This is so that I could post from anywhere, not just from one desktop computer through iWeb, the program that built, and updates my Main Website.

This post is to inform you all, mainly my Subscribers, of the change.

Here is my new blog which you can access through it’s own URL, http://swhphototravel.wordpress.com/, OR by clicking “WordPress Blog” on the Navigation Menu of my Main Website, SWH Photography and Travel, which will redirect you to the blog.




For the first time in about a month, I came on to WordPress and looked at the stats from this blog.I was really impressed to see so many views there have been over the past few weeks, almost 3 months after the trip.

I want to let all of you who enjoyed The Alaskan Adventure blog know that I am already thinking about blogging in a similar way for future trips, but right now, I encourage you all to check out SWH Photography and Travel in the many months until the next big trip.

I felt that this blog needed just a bit more closure, so here it is.

Thank you to all of my readers during My Alaskan Adventure!


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I will be starting up the regular Weekly Blog Posts, and Photo of the Week again tomorrow, and there will be a new weekly photo every Friday evening!

Thank You!

I would like to thank all of the people who have followed us through Alaska, and I encourage you to Check out My Main website, SWH Photography and Travel for Pictures of the Trip. So far, the Pictures from the Anchorage portion of our Trip are up. Expect to see the Alaska Railroad Pictures later today, the Seward Pictures tonight or Tomorrow, and the Cruise/ Vancouver post cruise photos within the next few days. Within the next 2 weeks, there will be a Photo Slideshow/ Video commemorating the Trip up on my Main Website.

Were Home

I’m really sorry to all of the viewers who thought that the cruise updates would be like the land updates. They would have been, but internet in the Inside Passage is a Problem. Even in Juneau, when there was wi-fi everywhere, none of it worked. The city was having internet connection troubles. You heard about the ATV tour with Takshanuk Mountain Trail, which was great, but I lost all contact after that.  Of course there was no available internet in the town of Hoonah, population somewhere around 800. If your ship ever tenders in Icy Strait Point, AK, you will really be in Hoonah. Make sure to do the Teckk Outfitters Bear Watching, or Whale Watching Tour with Keith, a great, experienced Guide who you would trust to stand in front of you while Bear watching. We did a very interesting Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour based on the show”Deadliest Catch”. We stayed in the calm Waters around Ketchikan, luckily, and they showed us how to catch Crabs in the Big Crab Pots. The Boat we were on was actually part of the Deadliest Catch Fleet in Season 1, and I think part of Season 2. The final Sea Day was some what sad, but really Fun. Royal Caribbean Began Offering “My Time Dining” at one point in the past few years. Eve though we all had My Time Dining, We requested to sit at the same large tables, with the same Great Waiters, Pely and Inacito every night. Pely was practically in tears when saying goodbye to all 13 of us, and giving us all a hug on the way out. Truthfully, on 12 cruises, I have had a bunch of Great Waiters, But Pely and Inacito are the best of them all.

I Will Have A Full Review, and All of my Pictures on my Main Website, SWH Photography and Travel within the next few days.  The Photos will go up in segments. Anchorage, Alaska Railroad Train Ride, Seward, The Cruise, and Vancouver are the Segments. Expect the Anchorage segment to be on my Site this Evening, or Tomorrow Morning.

Also, within the next few weeks, look for a special video summarizing the Trip on My Main Site.

Thanks for all of the Support, and Make Sure to check out my Main Page when the Time Comes. I will put up an Update here when the Photos, and Review become available.


ATV Tour, Rainy Day

The entire group rode our ATVs up to 1,400ft above sea level and then had a beautiful lunch at the tour company’s lodge on the way back down. We got back onboard, had lunch, then got off with the Sileo’s to go walk around in the Small Town of Skagway where our ship was Docked. Off to Dinner with Fil, Pierre, Fil’s Mother, And Martin and Augusta who are celebrating their 42nd Anniversary today. We are going to the Brand New Churascaria (Brazilian Steakhouse), The Samba Grill to Celebrate their Anniversary.

We are going Bear Watching in Icy Straight Point Tommorow.

Good Night

Welcome Aboard

Today is day 3 of our cruise onboard the Radiance of the Seas. We are having a great time. The Hubbard Glacier day (Sailing) was amazing. Im having trouble accessing wifi from the iPad so I am trying a different way. I can’t type too much but we were in Juneau today and we just walked around, did some shopping and took a tour of the State Capital. Tomorrow the whole group is doing an ATV tour in Haines,a Short ferry ride from our port,Skagway

I will try to post again tomorrow.

Bye bye